Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Falling For Fall

I have been working this week on all my fall decorating projects. I don't have a fire place with a mantel but I do have a entertainment center with nothing on top of it because I couldn't decide what to do with the space. So I have I'm going to use it has a mantel and change out the decorations with the seasons, then I don't have to make one decision, I can change it out every couple of months and I never get tired of it.

William Sonoma has some beautiful wreaths, but who wants to pay $100+ for a wreath. Ummm...Not me! So I set out to Hobby Lobby and walked back and forth from the flower section to the fall/holiday section about 200 times (while my husband and Big G terrorized the store) but I found all that I needed to make a beautiful wreath.

I just took a pile of leaves and hot glued them on a wreath form. Then I took apart all of the flower bundles and arranged all of the little extras and hot glued them on. And now I have an expensive looking wreath that I payed maybe 20 bucks for.

The next wreath I made is a yarn wreath. I'm really into burnt orange and teal.(I live in Texas it is against the law not to love orange."Hook em' horns") I got some yarn in these colors and a styrofoam wreath form. All you do is hot glue the yarn to the back of the wreath form and wrap it until you want to change colors and hot glue the end. If you wanted to do a solid color wreath then I would probable hot glue the yard on the back every so often just to keep the yarn good  and tight. I thought that it needed a little something extra to finish it off so I made some fabric flowers and a bow out of some purple knit fabric that I had laying around.  This wreath cost 10 bucks... and I have a lot off the yarn left. So I'm going to make a scarf.

I'm sure that you have seen the Pottery Barn knock off mercury glass pumpkins every where so I had to make some of those! I found a bag of styrofoam pumpkins at the Dollar General ( I always find such cool stuff in there.) And I also got some bigger ones at Hobby Lobby for a buck or 2 and I spray painted them with Matte Aluminum spray paint. (Its my new favorite spray paint color its beautiful!) I got 6 pumpkins and a can of spray paint for less than 10 Pottery Barn pumpkin was like 25 bucks. No thank you!

So that is what I have been working on for the past couple of day. Come back tomorrow and you can see what I did with all of this stuff.



  1. Your fall wreath is very beautiful! Good job!
    I'm your new follower!

  2. I like! The fall wreath turned out great and I love the pumpkins.

  3. You'd better hope Pottery Barn and/or Williams Sonoma people find your blog! If you continue teaching everyone how to make their stuff at a fraction of the cost, they might start sending you letter bombs!

  4. Beautiful wreaths Jekka! Would you mind if I shared them in a Fabulous Fall wreaths post?!
    Thanks! Cathy

  5. Love the pumpkins. I need to try that.

  6. I really like your wreaths (and the cute pumpkins too). Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  7. I love everything that you have done so far.....keep showing me new stuff!