Saturday, December 11, 2010

What to Wear Weekend

I bought some awesome gray jeans a couple of weeks ago, so this is an outfit I styled around the jeans. I'm still loving the gray and yellow combo. This would be a great outfit to wear out with the hubby on a date, or for a girls night out. Hope you like it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Boots!

I have to confess I bought a new pair of boots.... and I didn't even get the black ones that I need. I bought another pair of brown boots... No they aren't "brown" they are "camel" and that is completely different. So I thought I would make an outfit around the boots. These boots are from Target, and the ones that I got are from Walmart. ( No I'm not above shopping at Walmart.) I shop for what I like, I'm not prejudice when it comes to the store.

I love the look of the tee shirt with an over sized sweater and skinny jeans, the really like the proportions. The accessories are perfect for a mom on the go, a big purse for bottles, diapers, and toys. (I will never forget my Aunt Kim carrying a doll around with her when she was purse shopping because my cousin Savannah had to have it with her at all times and Kim needed a purse big enough to fit it in.)  :) The earrings I picked out because they reminded me of my best friend Sami, she loves owls; and they are not dangley so I don't have to worry about my little girl pulling them out of my ears. Sunglasses are a must for me. I don't like to go outside without them. Last is the hunter green nail polish, yes, I said green. I saw in a magazine the other day some star with dark green nails and I really liked it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sorry there have been no new post lately.... been super busy, went to Arkansas for two weeks, to throw my cousin a bridal shower, and then two of my other cousins were homecoming nominees and I did there hair. I have lots of projects planned for Christmas! Its my favorite holiday so check back soon! But for now I have an outfit to show you.
This is inspired by Emma Watson, I love her classy, edgy style.

 Hope you like it! Check back soon, I have started some Christmas projects....I just have to get one of them finished!

Friday, October 22, 2010

What to Wear Weekend

I'm going to Shreveport this weekend to see my hubby, for those of you who don't know...My husband took a job in Shreveport, and he is living there full time, the kids and I are going to move there with him in the next 6 to 9 months... So this is an outfit that I would wear to the grocery store, out to lunch, or to go shopping at the mall.(Click on the image to go to the stores)
 First I'm going to talk about the Toms I don't have any yet... but maybe I will be able to save up and get some. I like that they are for a good cause, and everything that I have read says that they are really comfy. The jeans are just boyfriend jeans, cuffed, to show off your awesome Toms. Nothing says Fall like a plaid shirt.  I have been in love with white watches ever since The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock wears one in the movie, its a Rolex...I would be perfectly happy with a Fossil. I love this one because on the pave crystals match the pave diamonds on my wedding ring. Throw on a cross body bag, a medallion necklace, and you can't forget your aviators, and you have a perfect weekend outfit!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I wish I was wearing today....

Its fall in Texas....So that means nice snuggly sweaters and scarves. YEAH RIGHT! I'm wearing jeans and a tank top today... Oh how I wish I lived some where that had a Fall... but I don't...So I can dream. This is what I would wear if I lived in...Colorado. I'm sure that it isn't 80 there today.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sessie's Mood Board

This mood board is for my Aunt Sessie, I helped her decorate her living room about 8 years ago? I don't really remember when it was... I was in high school. It was when jewel tones were really in... But anywho, I was in Arkansas visiting a couple of weeks ago and she said that she was ready for a change,but she didn't want to spend a lot of money. Well that is my forte!
1.) Beige Slip Cover- free- I have a set of slip covers from my old couches that I am giving her. My husband has been trying to throw away 170 bucks worth of slip covers and I kept tell him "NO I will need them one day." Yes, I'm kind of a hoarder...I blame it on my Dad and Papaw.( My Papaw is the old man digging in your dumpster out behind your house.)  :)
2.) Canopy decorative pillow- $14.88
3.) Home Trends decorative pillow- $10.00
4.) Home Trends decorative pillow-$13.00
5.) Home Trends decorative pillow-$13.00
6.) Better Homes and Gardens Fern Prints- $16.00 (per print)
7.) Large Sea Grass Basket-$13.99(I'm going to budget 4 of these.She said she wanted it to be clutter free.)
8.)Small Storage Ottoman-$32.00 (I'm going to budget 2 of these. My uncle is a pastor, and they have two teenage daughters, I think they are going to need all the seating they can get.)
9.)Drum lamp shade-$10.00 each(If you like the shape of you lamps you already have just spray paint them)
10.) Sessie is crazy about pictures, so I thought we could show case them in a gallery style arrangement by taking the frames she already has and spray painting them a matching color and making all the pictures black and white.
11.) Drop cloth curtains again...I know you must be tired of seeing them, but there are so many options with them and I can't justify spending 20 bucks a panel for curtains when I can have two extra long panels for 14 bucks! If you wanted them a color you can always dye them.
12.) For the wall color (the background color of the mood board) I would do a tan with a green undertone, and crisp white trim. For the furniture that need to be painted I would use espresso satin paint, and for the lamps Matte Aluminum Spray paint. She also has a big mirror that I would paint in the espresso. I'm budgeting $100.00 for paint. That is probable over what the paint will really cost....

TOTAL: $336.88!
I don't think that is to bad for a whole new living room. If you are interested in a mood board for your own home just shoot me an email Thanks for reading! Come back soon I have some great projects in store for you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Megan's Mood Board

This is a long one...sorry. Megan was one of the people to take me up on my offer to do a free Mood Board.

For those of you who don't know what a mood board is it is a room-ready collection of furniture, color schemes, art, and accessories that you can use in your own home. They are just guide lines that help you pull a room together.

Here is what I pulled together for Megan. She wanted a Pottery Barn style room but not the Pottery Barn price. The budget was 2000.00 ( the price of one Pottery Barn Sectional Sofa) and she wanted the room to feel warm, and inviting and look expensive. So this is what I pulled together. I think it is pretty Pottery Barn, but with a little of my twist.

This is her tv stand that she wanted to keep in the room. Sorry the picture is kinda dark.

These are some examples of what I would use. If you can sew I would go to the fabric store and make a few solid color pillows, and then check Biglots, TJ Max (of you have one close), Target, and Pier 1 for some expensive looking pillows. I also like to change my pillows with the seasons so I don't get burnt out on my decor so quick.

1.) Home Trends Highland Pillow- 13.00

2.) Embroidered Circles Pillow- 27.96

3.) Carafe Floral Applique Pillow- 29.95

4.) Home Solid-Color Silk Toss Pillow - Paprika- 18.99

Couch: This is the same couch that I own, and I LOVE it. It hides stains (I have a 2 year old), its super comfy, and its made in the USA. Its darker than the picture shows, but it is a really nice neutral color. And you can't beat the price.

5.) Simmons Check Plush Sectional- 699.99

6.) Avenue Six Curves Button Chair, Focus Ivy-149.00

7.) Fieldcrest Luxury Jacobean Floral Wool Rug - Brown (60x84")- 199.99

8.) Castela Trunk- 82.44 (to store extra blankets, pillows, or toys)

9.) Iron Rings  Table Lamps- 49.99 each -I would get 2 one to go on the side table and one to go on the console table.

10.) Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane End Table- 79.00 - I chose this one because it has a natural top, but it has a dark base, so I could bring in another wood tone and your entertainment center will blend in with it.

11.)Java Mirror - Espresso- 59.99 -would place this mirror opposite the window, to bounce the light around and give you the feeling of having another window in the room.

12.) Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane Console- 119.00 (Place this behind the sectional. I'm not sure how your room is laid out but I would try and keep your furniture pulled away from the walls that will make the room feel bigger)

13.) Home Basket Weave Window Panel - Tan- 24.99 each -You could make these so much cheaper. Go to the hardware store and pick up canvas drop cloths. I got 2 for 14.99. Wash them before you do anything to them. Then if you can sew put a pocket through the top and hem the bottom. If you can't sew, buy hem tape and do the same thing. You could also buy grommets at the fabric store, or those little clippy curtain rings. The options are endless!

14.) Orchid in White Pot - White- 15.00  I'm not so good at keeping plants alive so I opt for fake ones. If you are good at keeping them alive go for some real plants! Place it on the console table.

15.)Rounded Taper Pillar Holder Collection- 9.99-12.99 - would do a grouping of these on the console table.

16.) Rialto Covered Jar - 12"- 34.99  Put a grouping of these on top of your t.v stand and fill them with things that go with the season i.e. Fall-pumpkins and leaves and Christmas- Silver ornaments, or cranberry's and a candle. I would check out Pottery Barn each season and see what they are doing then go to Hobby Lobby and she what you can find that is similar. I would also check Hobby Lobby for these jars, and either get them when they are 50% off or print off a coupon online.

17.) Grass In Square Ceramic Planter- 34.99-I would make this with some fake grass from Hobby Lobby and a decorative ceramic planter with some foam in the bottom of it.This would look good on the end table.

18.)Linear Wood 10-pc. Frame Set - Black-21.99- I noticed that on top of her t.v stand she had a few pictures. I would take those down and put them in maybe not "matching" frames but frames that are the same color. I would go to the Dollar Store and pick up a few frames in the sizes that I needed and spray paint them a matching color. And hang them on the wall. You need to make a pretty good sized grouping though, ten frames is probable enough but you want something that will be substantial.

There is no number but the back ground color is the paint color.
19.) Behr Paint- Cozy Cottage- 740C-2  I wanted to use something pretty light, but still warm. I would paint the trim in the room a crisp white.

Last is the art there wasn't enough room on the board for this to go. It is just 6 matching frames from the Dollar Store or Walmart, I found some Canopy frames from Walmart that were 2 for 20, and the prints are from and they are 8.99 a piece. So this whole art installation is about 41"x 32" and it would cost about 114.00 dollars... and that is if you used frames that are that expensive. I would go to the Dollar Store and get some cheap frames and spray paint them the color I need.

OK its PROJECT RUNWAY TIME! I have been waiting all day for this! Thanks for reading. More Mood Boards to come. If you would like one I still have 4 spots left. Just send me an email !

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Living Room Mood Board

My mom is brave. She let me decorate my first room by myself at the age of 11. I loved it! It looked like an Easter egg threw up all over it. My walls where mint green, the ceiling was light blue and my built in shelving was light blue and the back of the shelves were light purple. My bed was a white four poster bed. I was so proud of myself, but when I look back at the pictures I can't help but laugh at how horrible it looked. But I loved every minute on if it, from picking out the bedding to the paint colors. This is where it started, from then on when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I said an interior designer.

Ok lets get this mood board started! The color palette is gray, chocolate brown, teal, and burnt orange. I would paint the walls in a toupeish-gray (yes, that is a word) like  Behr "Belvedere Cream". 

I like making my money go as far as possible so the furniture is relatively cheap, the couch is from Big Lots, the TV stand is from Walmart, and that wonderful chair that my husband will never let me have is from Pier 1. ( He says it is floweredy, yes that is a word too.)

The rug is either from Lowe's or Home Depot, the curtains are drop cloth curtains that I have added a grommet top to. For the pillows I like to mix patterns that you wouldn't normal pick to go together these are from Pier 1. The lamp I picked out is from Walmart too. Pottery Barn has one that looks almost identical but for 3 times the price.

If you are interested in getting a custom mood board for FREE send me an email I will be giving 10 away!