Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Mantel

As promised here is my "mantel"

So from left to right ...

The lamp, I found at a friends house and she was throwing it away. It did have plastic beads on the inside of the lamp shade... I don't really know what for, it just looked funny with the light on, and with the off you couldn't even tell that it had beads. So I cut them off...and saved them of course, because I don't throw anything that I might be able to use on a project later.

I decided to use the wreath that I posted earlier in the week up here and put the yarn wreath on the front door... for right now.

The picture frame that has that beautiful picture in it. :) Was my husbands it did have a picture of him in Jr. High in his football uniform but I convinced him to let me make him a scrapbook of all of his pictures so I wouldn't have to have them hung up all over the house.( I know I'm a bad wifey) 

Next is the pumpkins that I also showed earlier. I like how they add just a little bling.

The black board was a Home Interiors mirror that my Mom bought me a long time ago, I painted the frame silver a year ago, but when we bought our house I had no place for it, so it had been under the bed... So a little chalk board paint and it is good as new. I painted the frame with the chalk board paint too, I thought that I would be cool to be able to write on it too.

My Grammy bought me the ferris wheel picture frame, I love it because I think of the fair and I also like the touch silver to go with the silver on the pumpkins. 

Last is the sculpture Brian got that for me for my first Mothers Day, I love it, its iron wood and he got it at T.J Max for 10 bucks!  

Well that is my fall mantel/ the top of my entertainment center.  I'm pretty proud of it... almost everything I had on hand so it was really cheap. Always look around your house and see what you can re purpose it will save you a ton on money!  


  1. It looks really nice. And I love the price!

  2. This is SOOO cute and I especially love your descriptions !! CRAFTY GIRL !! I love it !!