Thursday, October 7, 2010

Megan's Mood Board

This is a long one...sorry. Megan was one of the people to take me up on my offer to do a free Mood Board.

For those of you who don't know what a mood board is it is a room-ready collection of furniture, color schemes, art, and accessories that you can use in your own home. They are just guide lines that help you pull a room together.

Here is what I pulled together for Megan. She wanted a Pottery Barn style room but not the Pottery Barn price. The budget was 2000.00 ( the price of one Pottery Barn Sectional Sofa) and she wanted the room to feel warm, and inviting and look expensive. So this is what I pulled together. I think it is pretty Pottery Barn, but with a little of my twist.

This is her tv stand that she wanted to keep in the room. Sorry the picture is kinda dark.

These are some examples of what I would use. If you can sew I would go to the fabric store and make a few solid color pillows, and then check Biglots, TJ Max (of you have one close), Target, and Pier 1 for some expensive looking pillows. I also like to change my pillows with the seasons so I don't get burnt out on my decor so quick.

1.) Home Trends Highland Pillow- 13.00

2.) Embroidered Circles Pillow- 27.96

3.) Carafe Floral Applique Pillow- 29.95

4.) Home Solid-Color Silk Toss Pillow - Paprika- 18.99

Couch: This is the same couch that I own, and I LOVE it. It hides stains (I have a 2 year old), its super comfy, and its made in the USA. Its darker than the picture shows, but it is a really nice neutral color. And you can't beat the price.

5.) Simmons Check Plush Sectional- 699.99

6.) Avenue Six Curves Button Chair, Focus Ivy-149.00

7.) Fieldcrest Luxury Jacobean Floral Wool Rug - Brown (60x84")- 199.99

8.) Castela Trunk- 82.44 (to store extra blankets, pillows, or toys)

9.) Iron Rings  Table Lamps- 49.99 each -I would get 2 one to go on the side table and one to go on the console table.

10.) Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane End Table- 79.00 - I chose this one because it has a natural top, but it has a dark base, so I could bring in another wood tone and your entertainment center will blend in with it.

11.)Java Mirror - Espresso- 59.99 -would place this mirror opposite the window, to bounce the light around and give you the feeling of having another window in the room.

12.) Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane Console- 119.00 (Place this behind the sectional. I'm not sure how your room is laid out but I would try and keep your furniture pulled away from the walls that will make the room feel bigger)

13.) Home Basket Weave Window Panel - Tan- 24.99 each -You could make these so much cheaper. Go to the hardware store and pick up canvas drop cloths. I got 2 for 14.99. Wash them before you do anything to them. Then if you can sew put a pocket through the top and hem the bottom. If you can't sew, buy hem tape and do the same thing. You could also buy grommets at the fabric store, or those little clippy curtain rings. The options are endless!

14.) Orchid in White Pot - White- 15.00  I'm not so good at keeping plants alive so I opt for fake ones. If you are good at keeping them alive go for some real plants! Place it on the console table.

15.)Rounded Taper Pillar Holder Collection- 9.99-12.99 - would do a grouping of these on the console table.

16.) Rialto Covered Jar - 12"- 34.99  Put a grouping of these on top of your t.v stand and fill them with things that go with the season i.e. Fall-pumpkins and leaves and Christmas- Silver ornaments, or cranberry's and a candle. I would check out Pottery Barn each season and see what they are doing then go to Hobby Lobby and she what you can find that is similar. I would also check Hobby Lobby for these jars, and either get them when they are 50% off or print off a coupon online.

17.) Grass In Square Ceramic Planter- 34.99-I would make this with some fake grass from Hobby Lobby and a decorative ceramic planter with some foam in the bottom of it.This would look good on the end table.

18.)Linear Wood 10-pc. Frame Set - Black-21.99- I noticed that on top of her t.v stand she had a few pictures. I would take those down and put them in maybe not "matching" frames but frames that are the same color. I would go to the Dollar Store and pick up a few frames in the sizes that I needed and spray paint them a matching color. And hang them on the wall. You need to make a pretty good sized grouping though, ten frames is probable enough but you want something that will be substantial.

There is no number but the back ground color is the paint color.
19.) Behr Paint- Cozy Cottage- 740C-2  I wanted to use something pretty light, but still warm. I would paint the trim in the room a crisp white.

Last is the art there wasn't enough room on the board for this to go. It is just 6 matching frames from the Dollar Store or Walmart, I found some Canopy frames from Walmart that were 2 for 20, and the prints are from and they are 8.99 a piece. So this whole art installation is about 41"x 32" and it would cost about 114.00 dollars... and that is if you used frames that are that expensive. I would go to the Dollar Store and get some cheap frames and spray paint them the color I need.

OK its PROJECT RUNWAY TIME! I have been waiting all day for this! Thanks for reading. More Mood Boards to come. If you would like one I still have 4 spots left. Just send me an email !

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  1. love, love, LOVE that rug!! Something else - Hobby Lobby has really pretty glass jars - I got some for our bathroom that look super expensive and they were $3 each!