Monday, October 11, 2010

Sessie's Mood Board

This mood board is for my Aunt Sessie, I helped her decorate her living room about 8 years ago? I don't really remember when it was... I was in high school. It was when jewel tones were really in... But anywho, I was in Arkansas visiting a couple of weeks ago and she said that she was ready for a change,but she didn't want to spend a lot of money. Well that is my forte!
1.) Beige Slip Cover- free- I have a set of slip covers from my old couches that I am giving her. My husband has been trying to throw away 170 bucks worth of slip covers and I kept tell him "NO I will need them one day." Yes, I'm kind of a hoarder...I blame it on my Dad and Papaw.( My Papaw is the old man digging in your dumpster out behind your house.)  :)
2.) Canopy decorative pillow- $14.88
3.) Home Trends decorative pillow- $10.00
4.) Home Trends decorative pillow-$13.00
5.) Home Trends decorative pillow-$13.00
6.) Better Homes and Gardens Fern Prints- $16.00 (per print)
7.) Large Sea Grass Basket-$13.99(I'm going to budget 4 of these.She said she wanted it to be clutter free.)
8.)Small Storage Ottoman-$32.00 (I'm going to budget 2 of these. My uncle is a pastor, and they have two teenage daughters, I think they are going to need all the seating they can get.)
9.)Drum lamp shade-$10.00 each(If you like the shape of you lamps you already have just spray paint them)
10.) Sessie is crazy about pictures, so I thought we could show case them in a gallery style arrangement by taking the frames she already has and spray painting them a matching color and making all the pictures black and white.
11.) Drop cloth curtains again...I know you must be tired of seeing them, but there are so many options with them and I can't justify spending 20 bucks a panel for curtains when I can have two extra long panels for 14 bucks! If you wanted them a color you can always dye them.
12.) For the wall color (the background color of the mood board) I would do a tan with a green undertone, and crisp white trim. For the furniture that need to be painted I would use espresso satin paint, and for the lamps Matte Aluminum Spray paint. She also has a big mirror that I would paint in the espresso. I'm budgeting $100.00 for paint. That is probable over what the paint will really cost....

TOTAL: $336.88!
I don't think that is to bad for a whole new living room. If you are interested in a mood board for your own home just shoot me an email Thanks for reading! Come back soon I have some great projects in store for you!

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  1. Love it, Jek! Can't wait to get it all done.