Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Boots!

I have to confess I bought a new pair of boots.... and I didn't even get the black ones that I need. I bought another pair of brown boots... No they aren't "brown" they are "camel" and that is completely different. So I thought I would make an outfit around the boots. These boots are from Target, and the ones that I got are from Walmart. ( No I'm not above shopping at Walmart.) I shop for what I like, I'm not prejudice when it comes to the store.

I love the look of the tee shirt with an over sized sweater and skinny jeans, the really like the proportions. The accessories are perfect for a mom on the go, a big purse for bottles, diapers, and toys. (I will never forget my Aunt Kim carrying a doll around with her when she was purse shopping because my cousin Savannah had to have it with her at all times and Kim needed a purse big enough to fit it in.)  :) The earrings I picked out because they reminded me of my best friend Sami, she loves owls; and they are not dangley so I don't have to worry about my little girl pulling them out of my ears. Sunglasses are a must for me. I don't like to go outside without them. Last is the hunter green nail polish, yes, I said green. I saw in a magazine the other day some star with dark green nails and I really liked it.

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  1. LOL, I remember Kim's purse & the doll! That's me now w/ "Baby"!