Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The NEW Jekka Laine

I have really tried to get back into craft since having Gracyn...I just can't do it. So after lots of thought I have decided to revamp the blog into more of a fashion blog with the occasional craft or sewing project. This is the run down.
 Jekka Laine Weekly Schedule:
Monday- Mommy Monday's- All mommy friendly fashion, because mommy's should be super stylish too!
Tuesday- Teen Tuesday- I have a ton of cousins that are teens, so I want to do a day just for teens to help them find there personal style.
Wednesday- What To Wear Wednesday- I will show case an outfit anything from what is appropriate for a wedding to what to wear on a first date.
Thursday- The Looks of The Season- Thursday will be all about being trendy
Friday- Fab Find Friday- I will show you an expensive item and its cheaper cousin.
Saturday- Star Studded Saturday- I will recreate a stars outfit at prices a normal person can afford.

I'm really excited to start this next chapter of my blog. So I hope you like!

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