Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look of the Season

The time of the year it is hard to figure out what you are supposed to wear... Its still to cold to wear full on spring wear...but you are sick of the cold weather and you want to liven things up a little bit. So here is the perfect outfit for January/ February pre-spring.
I'm really feeling this 70's vibe going on, I would tuck the top in to these awesome wide leg jeans.The brown suede wedges are a must with these jeans. You need the chunky heel to balance out the wide leg.  I love coral anytime of the year but I think that the orangey-pink tones are beautiful with the lime green shirt. I wanted another pop of color so I picked out this turquoise bag that will carry over great into summer. Last I think you can never go wrong with  Clinique Happy Heart it smells like spring.

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