Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tissue Paper Art

This is my entry for CSI Projects Mod Podge week. I have been trying to come up with some art to go in Gracyn's room. I'm cheap so there is no way that I would buy art. Especially since I can paint just about anything, so I painted a butterfly, and I was not happy with the colors. Then  I remembered when I was in high school art we used this technique of ripping up tissue paper glued it to a piece of card stock to learn how cool colors recede on the page and warm colors draw your eye forward. 

 All you need for this project is a canvas or canvas board, Mod Podge, tissue paper (in what ever colors you need), and I used paint to do some detail work.

I free handed a rough outline of what I wanted my owl to look like. Then I tore up the tissue paper in smaller pieces. My parents would get so mad at me when I was little because I loved to rip paper up in tiny pieces.( Mom all that paper shredding came in handy.)

Then I Mod Podge a 4"x4" square of the canvas and stuck the tissue paper on it over lapping the edges. Then I went over the tissue paper with the Mod Podge. I didn't wait for it to dry because I do not have the patience for that. I like to see results. I did the background first. Be sure to finish the edges.

Here is the background finished I used green on the edges everything else I used light blue. I would suggest if you are not using colors that blend well together to go from light to dark so that the colors do not bleed together and make ugly colors. But since I didn't care if I had a blue-greenish color I did that green first.

After I finished the owl I let it dry over night and the came back with paint and put the eye lashes on her and the ruffles on her body. I think she is pretty cute. I'm going to make another on to hang next to this one. I can't decide if I want to do a butterfly or a sparrow. I will post it when I decide and finish it.

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  1. Nice to know that all the little giblets of paper I picked up over the years paid off! Mom